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 Getting back into Simming

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Lilly LeClaire



Leo Cat

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PostGetting back into Simming

mickeywave Hi Everyone!

There's been a lot going on in my life and that has limited my free time and my Simming. Now, I have a little time off and ready to share with you my TS2 adventures. extrahappy

While browsing MTS, I found a couple neighborhoods that I've downloaded into my TS2 game. Years ago, I played The Sims Life Stores, a separate game. I wished that I could play it in my Sims 2 game. I tried to re-create it but not with much success. Then, a few weeks ago, I discovered the two neighborhood's, Four Corners (Riley Harlow's story) and Bitville (Vincent Moore's) story which had been re-created (Neighborhood, Houses and Sims) for downloading into TS2 games. cheers They were made by the "Hood Building Group". Their creations can be found at: MTS > Downloads > Sims 2 > Miscellaneous > Neighborhoods & CAS Screens > Neighborhoods and Worlds. I downloaded the main hoods but they can also be downloaded as sub-hoods.

I've been playing in both hoods. Most recently, I've been playing with the Sinclair family in Four Corners. Ashley and Waring Sinclair are married. She's a Romance Sim and he's a Fortune Sim. She's an adult and he's and elder. They lived in a small house on Hyacinth Circle. Actually, all the houses in Four Corners are on Hyacinth. So, since I'm unable to find Ashley her LTW in the Music career, I decide it would be nice to add another member to the family which should work wonderfully in their small two bedroom house. So, Ashley and Waring "Try for Baby". First try. Lullaby. So, remember that "add a member" to the family, well, Ashley had twins! A boy and a girl. Both with fair skin (either Skin #1 or #2 which I can have difficultly telling apart on my computer), brown hair and green eyes. Guess Waring, an elder, had brown hair before it turned gray since Ashley's hair is blonde. Because a baby name book I have says that the name Sinclair is of French origin, I decided to use "French" names for the kids, so say welcome to son, Andre and daughter, Aimee. Sorry, can't add the correct accents marks with this format. Poor Waring. He keeps forgetting to do what I put up in his queue. Good thing they have a butler or the twins would be waiting for diaper changes a lot longer. The twins will be transitioning to toddlers when I return to play. It's time. bounce

While Ashley was pregnant, I turned the guest bedroom into a nursery. It's all done in lady bug decorations: the wall, the carpet, the curtains, the crib bedding, the changing table, and even the bouncinator, downloaded from Honeywell on MTS. After I did this, a very pregnant Ashley was sleeping and her thought bubble had a lady bug in it with a big red X across it. Guess she didn't like my decorating style. Still I like it with it's red and white lady bug theme with black and yellow accents. So, the nursery stayed. The Waring's decided to build a new house on the same lot, and yes the new nursery is decorated in lady bugs. I'm thinking Ashley will get use to it. Since I have lady bug decorated toddler beds, it will stay decorated with lady bugs until the twins transition to children and then they will get separate bedrooms with new decor and without lady bugs. confetti

Now here is an interesting thing I noticed. Just across the street from the Warings live Ethan and Mission Stardust. They also have a set of twins, a boy and a girl who received the names Royal and Chrystal because I thought they went well with the Stardust surname. Now, they have the same fair skin, brown hair and green eyes as the Sinclair twins. Hmmmmmm. A bit of a mystery. scratch

I hope you are enjoying your Sims 2, 3 or 4 game(s). And, Merry Christmas wishes to all of you. :noel:

Lilly flower

I'm Loving Life and Learning along the Way.    extrahappy

Lilly  flower
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Getting back into Simming :: Comments

Re: Getting back into Simming
Post on Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:35 pm by Broomhilda
Hi Lilly glad you are back to Sims2 simming lol..can't wait to see what you are doing with your game.. goodpost
Re: Getting back into Simming
Post on Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:58 am by Lilly LeClaire
Thanks Broomhilda!

 I'm enjoying myself.  It's generally a lot more interesting than watching most TV shows.   Smile   The Sinclair twins transitioned to toddlers while I played last night.  And, of course, they both got make-overs.  Surprisingly, they play the Charisma Rabbits spontaneously.  I'll have to check, but maybe they have playful natures;  Andre is a Taurus and Aimee is an Aries.  Both have already learned to talk and learned a nursery rhyme.  And, Waring is not having as much trouble with toddler care as he had with infant care.  Did some looking at Toddler Toys and found a lady bug themed toy box--Ashley will be thrilled.   Smile

Merry Christmas!  Lilly   flower
Re: Getting back into Simming
Post on Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:24 am by BBdoll3
Thanks for the update Lilly! Looking forward to more exciting adventures with your sims! cheers
Re: Getting back into Simming
Post on Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:54 am by Lilly LeClaire
thanx BBdoll!

I am hoping to play some more later today.   cheers
Re: Getting back into Simming
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Getting back into Simming

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